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    hey, do you have a maths online login and password? I'm in great need of one to borrow

    hey, do you have a maths online login and password? I'm in great need of one to borrow
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    Atar estimate!!!

    Can i push it up to 98 at least if i do really well in externals? :S
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    Atar estimate!!!

    Hey! My goal to get 99 is slipping but i hope im still close! My ranks: Adv Eng: 15/40 Chem: 7/24 3U: 5/21 4U: 5/17 Phys: 4/17 Last year our school was ranked somewhere in the 50s, but it will be in the 40s this 90% sure.
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    Hey guys, i just had my task 3, werent too bad. Ive written my progressive ranks below. What atar am i currently looking? Adv: 15/40 MX1: 4/21 MX2: 3/17 Chem: 5/21 Phys: 4/17 My school rank is in the 40s (based on previous two years school ranks) and on average we get about 3 people in 99 and...
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    Atar Estimate Please

    Last year we had 2 students in the 99 and about 3 or 4 in 98. I said 40-60, because two years ago we were ranked in the fortys then dropped down to the 50s last year. We have a strong cohort of students this year so we may go up to the 40s this year again. Hope this helped.
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    Atar Estimate Please

    My school is ranked in the 40-60 range. For a heads-up, our exams are usually extremely tough but I'm aiming for a 99 atar. Marks below are the average of first task and half yearly exams, and brackets are the progressive ranks. Eng Advanced: 70% [10/40] Chemistry: 73% [6/24] Ext 1 Maths...
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    independant prelim papers

    Could you send me the chem exams and solutions if it is on computer? Thanks
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    Site Update

    I cant actually download any resources? whats up with that?
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    Site Update

    Why isnt the website allowing me to download any exam papers?...It continues to notify me that i havent logged in when i have.
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    Site Update

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    Most Disappointing Car

    how do you get to the past school papers on this website?