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  1. J

    Q 9, 10 Answers

    9)a) 3,2 b)iii) 800L c)ii) x = 4a/3 10)b) iv) 6>x> 2/2/3 v) A = 32 x root 3 Rekon I got about 115-118 Anyone get arround there
  2. J

    How many pages did you write? [Merged]

    Re: How many pages did you write? (merged) A: 17 B: 13 C: 15 = 45 pages bout 5-6 words a line
  3. J

    How many pages did you write? [Merged]

    Re: How many pages did you write? (merged( A (BNW/BR) - 17 B (Speeches) - 12 C (A&C) - 16 = 45 pages, at about 5 words a line ...but was preety messy...hope they read it
  4. J

    Messy Handrwiting

    Just wondering where I ould get a copy of that? You have a scanner? Much appreciative.
  5. J

    Messy Handrwiting

    Anyone elso have this problem? Honestly at times, I couldn't even write the word 'journey' Still managed to scrap out 38 (10,12,16) brilliant pages...but just hope the markers can read it. Anyone knows how they go about deciphering that garbage I wrote??
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 2006

    Hey wrote 38 pages (10, 12, 16) But my handwriting was ridiculously bad.... I could barely write 'journey' Anyone know how they go about deciphering this? and if it will efect my mark?
  7. J

    How much u wrote and wat mark u expect ?

    Hey wrote 38 pages (10,13,15)... But my handwriting was ridicuoudly bad... could barely write the word 'journey'... Rekon this will impact on my mark (40-43)?