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  • hey, sorry for late reply! all my exams went pretty well! i thought chemistry was pretty easy haha. i thought i got the K calculation question wrong in industrial (2500 something) and then wen i went on bos people were saying they got k = 0.9 or something and it was like...whut....but then i found out that i was originally right hahaha. but overall, im so glad the hsc was over. wbu? :)
    imo this year they made the questions really prac base :/ but lucky for us cus we did a prac on co2 and we had to do nearly the exact same thing (drawing the graph and table) and in the trials we drew the diagram for rbc only but its all good! i really cbf for the hsc now tbh im studying but im just like, meh.
    haha aw thanks, i hope so too! i reckon the MC was pretty hard, probably the hardest out of all the 11 years of bio :/
    i dont think i got any questions wrong for the mc, should lost at least 5 marks from the short answers and prob 3 max from communication...zz.
    anyways, bio is over, gonna focus on maths and chem! think i might have to sacrifice chem though cus everybody gets 12 days but i get 6 cus of ext 1 english!

    haha same my teacher rushed the action poential bit so i had to rote learn the answers etc. for those sections.
    yeh i think i screwed up too cus my teacher rushed the last 3 sections of health before graduation :/
    im hope i get a state rank!
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