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  • I guess I'll send in a cover letter and resume some time soon. Thanks for the info ^_^

    Anyway how have you been? Is work still hectic?
    There are heaps of graduate programs for accountants which are good (Big 4 Banks/Accounting firms, AMP, Macquarie some of the Mid tiers etc). Anything in Accounting pays quite well, but breaking into the sector is the hard part - if you can make it into a graduate program then chances are you will reach a strong wage fast.
    I'm not a cadet and I graduated uni, so just keep that in mind. With uni, you want to be maintaining a credit average because that is what you need to qualify for graduate programs. A distinction average will give you a bit more of an edge, but a Credit average should be fine.
    Hi, sorry I didn't get back to your message earlier. I haven't been on bos in a while. How did your BDO phone interview end up going?
    hey im interested in the following

    • Prelim Cambridge maths 3 unit

    • HSC Cambridge maths 3 unit

    How much are you willing to sell them, cheaper if i purchase both :))???
    Sorry I didn't reply, I dont have access to the lecture notes anymore. The accounting textbook this sem was ACCT Financial and ACCT Managerial but you wont be able to find any used copies of that since it's new
    You can but you have to think about it and check that stuff runs in both semesters and that you will be able to get pre requisites done for certain subjects in time.
    Idk, do whatever sounds good. If they still have the linux one you should go to that as it will help with one of your subjects.
    Looks alright but the gap on monday is horrible, aren't there usually IBP tutes available right after lectures? As for Lectures and Tutorials didn't you ask that in a thread somewhere? Ill try and find that and answer there.
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