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  • Aww thats okay, theres always tertiary education :p
    Yeh over 1000 students [all girls].

    :spzz: O M G ... That is SO weird... thats exactly me and what i want to do - i want to do a com/law degree ... *but since going to wrk experience ive considered just doing a commerce degree and a traineeship at the same time* ... lol that is honestly so weird, no one on BOS ever aspires to the same thing as me! :p
    Adv English, Mathematics (2u), Legal, Economics, SOR (1u), BSA and i dropped drama recently.

    As if they didnt run... that sucks! We have like 4 legal classes at school... its weird they wouldnt run it at your school unless not many ppl applied/nominated the course.

    Well we have 1.5 subs in common :p And would have had another 2 if the subjects were held at your school :p

    What are you planning to do after school?
    Greek aye, interesting.

    Just thought you might be south indian/lankan since they usually have very long last names, like 26 letters each xD
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