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    Independent Assortment

    Hi :) I'm a bit confused with the concept cos different textbooks say different things: 1. It is when the pairs of genes segregate, each chromosome is independent from other pairs of genes. (e.g. gene for freckles is independent of genes for height) They do not affect each other when...
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    Studying for Biology

    I would finish revising the cores after Thursday and start doing past papers..
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    I hope i knew this before the exam. weep.
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    Is this forum dead??

    That means 'please don't' lol yes i can read both chinese and japanese
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    Is this forum dead??

    yes.. i expected the text but i would never know why they only ask for one single text... bos loves bejing natives +_+
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    industry awards are industry-wide..which means it's only valid in one specific industry
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    17/20.. my friend misleads me she said critical path analysis is the longest time needed...god i shouldn't be listening to her.
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    same here.
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    I would say 5-6/10...
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    finished the multiple choices during reading time hahahahalol
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    Section IV - Extended Response

    didn't do quite well for section IV expecting 14-16 wrote 8 pages for report expecting 17-19:smile:
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    Anyone doing chinese?

    wow guys..
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    Another way of answering the cirle geometry question

    I did the similar thing. yet the parallel lines are not used +_+ Link QT and PT ATQ is the external angle of the triangle ATP therefore ATQ=APT+TAP (exterior angle is the sum of the opposite angles) yet the angle ATP=180-(APT+TAP) therefore ATP=180-ATQ i.e. ATQ+ATP=180 Q,T,Pare collinear anyone...
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    Anyone doing chinese?

    Totally unprepared for that question...+_+ I was expecting two texts... wasn't sure what does 'adjusting the relationships' mean... ANNNNNDDDDDDD BOS love bejing people in newyork so much.. omg.. i didn't even look at it coz i thought they wouldn't have it for the third time...