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  • and in the likely case that does nothing because it's a table tennis ball
    one of the rackets will be thrown
    if his ping pong or table tennis or whatever group makes it far enough to compete state wide somewhere in sydney i am going to go and peg one of the balls right at his nuts
    "Btw what nash u nooblet? Ur state rank name on board of studies is interesting. Lol @ initials, two D's HAHA like a good gf should have."

    two D's like a good gf should have

    haha oh my god
    Oh wow, busy week! I have one exam on monday but besides that this is my last week before 2 weeks of break :D

    I plan on coming to the Thursday meat, but only if it's still going after 6. Unfortunately i have a tute from 4-6 for a very strict subject - if you skip a single lecture or tute or don't hand in a genuine attempt at the work in them you fail the subject. As for karaoke meat, maybe lol.
    Ann gurl, I can't write on your userpage.

    But like I have been growing lonelier everyday in the absence of your Russian Kisses ;) The loneliness keeps me up all night *cries*
    Hey lol,

    Hey lol, How have you? Good to hear that you very helpful and willing to help people out. I wish you the very best at Uni, lol

    I really need help with English, could you please send me a copy of you essays for AOS, Modules A, B, C? if possible, it would be very helpful.

    Thanks, My Email is: Afghan.4life@hotmail.com

    DO you tutor English lol, I am looking for a very good english tutor, if you know anyone. Pm me
    No worries, that's fine :) Yeah, we chatted and ate chocolate (well I did) lol. TGIF or what?! x
    I dress people at graduations. Put the gown on them and stuff like that. It's probably the most seasonal of my positions but also easily my favourite because I get to meet great people and hear a bit about what they're doing and see my friends graduate :)

    YOU SHOULD DO THAT. IT WOULD MAKE MY DAY. Except we don't have nametags so you can just say 'I asked and her name was Bek' :D :D
    The RA position closed yesterday (hence the being all WEOIJLKSJDF:LKJOWIEJL:KSF) so will probs find out in the next week or two for that. Then I definitely have a job at graduations this year, don't know if my o-week role will be extended because they put me on spruiking so no-one will be there to supervise and see how awesome I am and want to keep me ( :( ) and student services offered me a thing which I had to turn down because of o week stuff, but they're going to call me again a week or two into uni if a project I've worked briefly on in the past goes ahead.

    Meanwhile, I have to try and figure out if I want to keep working at the medical centre where I've had a summer job. This is the problem with seasonal positions!
    Always! (though not entirely sure I'll go to the Monday ones if I'm not working at uni that day, but I'll be going to the other 3 defs) :D
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