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  • Yer, it's called spiritual connectionz hehe =)

    Nah, my first week was goooddd ...

    I'm enjoying my course, really. :p

    Too bad you're not.

    Sorry, what are you doin at uni again? =P
    Nah, it's cool.

    You were saying your name is Jaan? Like, is that your original name?
    You're so mean!

    Well, think before you talk, meanie:(

    I already started uni on the 15th of Feb, kk

    I'm at UNE by correspondence, so like in your face!

    Hope your having fun at uni right now =P
    But I only stalked your page because you stalked mine first! =P

    Uhm, excited for-?
    lol meanie

    I know ... people can wait .. they alwaiiz do =]

    BA and BTeaching at da University of New England.


    Wel.. I am being punctual though lol ... I'm replying to you in time

    lol cya
    lol congrats meanie

    what course and what uni?

    oh im punctual enough mate, trust me=]

    but not punctual in social networking lol

    Oh sorry sorry sorrryyyy

    Sorry that I haven't been replying to your pmz lol


    got it into the course I desiredddd


    bye loserface =]
    Sup loser =)

    Sorryyyy for the like extremely lateeee replyy lol

    I got your pm

    ummm how you goin wif exams?

    You finished?
    i don't mean to sound smart-assey (clearly haha) but i've spent my whole study break watching scrubs. i may fail my hsc, but if anyone ever needs to know scrubs quote, i'm their gal haha
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