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  • Hahaha... yeah that would have been an awkward "wtf?" moment =P
    I'm sort of ready... I mean, I have nothing but a back pack and some sick new shoes to take on monday, but no parking permit or books.
    Yah, all my days (Mon, Tues, Thurs) start at 9am =( And finish around 5 or 6ish.
    Well, I may or may not see you bright and early Monday! Are you still catching the train everyday, or driving part of the time?
    I'm car=pooling so don't have to drive tomoro (yay!)
    Haha! You must have found my twin =P
    I haven't caught the train for a while - where was the train heading?
    I have a few girlfriends who have been catching the train to central all week, we'd just caught up on Wednesday night and talked about our plans for the year - maybe they mentioned me in conversation?
    Either way, that's a crazy coincidence! =)
    So are you ready for uni next week?
    I used rectangles (google it, it's the 1st link) and found my best option, then used the UNSW's enrolment basket to make it official.
    Hope i helped a bit :)
    Ah cool, good luck with it!

    I know what you mean, my timetable isn't all that lovely either. But it got better today when I discovered I have one less tutorial. Because of that, I'll be going 4 days a week. I have a 1-hour lecture on my day off, but I'll probably end up skipping that one a lot lol

    Registering for tutes was funny - when I got into chemistry today, ALL the tutes were full! But I called up the enquiry centre, and they gave me my first preference over the phone, so I was happy =D
    Hey, did you end up getting into B Science instead of Computer Science?
    Booked all your tutes yet?
    I booked my last one today, a bit relieved now!
    hey there, whats your name? Im doing the same course as you at newwy, be good to put a face to your forum posts.
    Haha, poor thing! Well then you should take her out for lunch after your epic trek =P
    Far out, I was told it takes 10 mins - maybe my friends walk really fast?
    Good luck on the 8th then too =)
    ...Hours?! =/
    I'm sure they wouldn't mind other people coming along. They'd have to be pretty awesome friends if you can convince them to come though =P
    How long does it take to get to the Great Hall from Warrabrook?
    Chem and Bio ftw!!
    I'm doing a Chem module in Sem 1 actually - should be good =)

    I think Feb 2 Enrolment day is to help us with enrolling in tutes, getting your student ID, and other boring introductory information... (not sure though? sounds important anyway)

    I'll probably end up catching the train there - I might see you on the way?
    You can't go wrong with a B.Sci... they're so flexible!

    If I were you I'd check out the maths bridging course, and see if you can keep up with it? Good luck with it ay, it's difficult trying to figure out which avenue is best sometimes...
    That just reminded me of the other day, I bought a new calculator. Felt like a total noob, walking around the back-to-school isles!! lol

    I won't be going to the open day actually - pretty set with what I want to do, I don't think I've got any more questions to probe them with =P

    I'll be heading up there on the 2nd of Feb for my Enrolment day (I'm not sure if this is the day for all courses, or just mine?), and again on the 22nd of Feb for the 9am Orientation thingy.
    Will you be heading to uni on either of these days?
    Well, I was only tutoring high school students. I did advanced and extension 1 maths for my HSC and topped both - I was invited a couple of times to do extension 2, but i didn't need anymore stress at the time so reluctantly declined.

    I just checked out maths 1510 - I don't know much of the stuff in there, but things like probability, induction and graph theory I may be able to help you with. If I were you I'd get a tutor whose already done this course...but if you're ever on the train doing some maths, I'll check it out =)
    Yeah, I know what you mean - it's a pain trying to organise things around everyone's work schedules =( I'm so keen to get a job too, but I swear I've been to every shop in the area and given them my resume!!
    The letter I got from UNCLE wasn't only on bridging courses - it was my offers letter, but it just mentioned the bridging courses and the web address.
    Did you do maths in your HSC? I really like maths - actually, I do maths and science tutoring on the side to make a bit of money. I tutored a few kids during my HSC to fundraise my schoolies trip to Cambodia... so if you ever need any help, let me know! =)
    I reckon the 5 or 6 weeks are gonna fly by, before we know it we'll be there.... plus, I think I've forgotten how to reeead these holidays =P (not such a bad thing...?)
    I didn't really know Jackson, and he left after year 10 I think?
    I got the letter about bridging courses today, there are heaps being offered.... not sure though. "Essay writing" and "academic survival skills" look useful... probably don't need to do maths or the sciences though, it only covers stuff for those who didn't do it in the HSC, right?
    What about you?
    Wow, really is a small world!
    Yeah - No one else from my school is doing Biomed, but I know a couple of people doing other degrees like software engineering. It'll be fun though, going into a completely new place and meeting heaps of new people!
    Which Jackson do you know - Davis or Sylvester?
    Hey, congrats!!
    I just got accepted into B Biomedical Science at Callaghan =D
    It was my first pref too, way stoked!!
    Well, I'm actually in Bonnells Bay. I went to school at Avondale, but I've only lived in the area for 3 years. What about you? Did you go to Morisset High?
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