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    Hands down Manscuxs Economics notes will be worth all your time and every cent if you're serious about doing well in your hsc. I understand there are others out there like myself who cannot afford to purchase them but I personally think it's worth putting some money aside each week to buy this stuff. Really great stuff and will definitely save people loads of time in the subject. Think of it this way, you pay attention in class, get the homework done, look over your notes (without spending time actually making them) AND THAT'S IT. I'm not trying to sell you them but I really do think it's worth buying (THANKYOU MANSCUXXX)
    Hey Manscux, sorry but I didn't apply for coop for actuarial. I can tell you what I've learnt from friends who've gotten in, and who've been rejected.
    You really need great extra curriculars, you need to have a strong interest in the field of study, and you need to make sure that all your top preferences are business related.
    Hope that was a little helpful, sorry! :)
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