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  • hey,

    My school is Farivale High, ranked 147 (2009)
    my dux got 99.65 last year.

    I was just wondering i just received my half yealy report for year 12 and my ranks are the following.

    English standard: 1st / 173
    Maths 2U: 2nd / 46
    Geography: 1st / 8
    Economics: 7th / 30
    Physics: 7th /39

    last year in year 11 i was top 5 for all my subjects.
    since everyone is saying that ranks are most important and if they are do u think i am able to get a 90+ ATAR with my ranks at the moment.

    ALso you know how im 7th in both physics and economics do you think that's a good rank anyway?

    I'm trying to aim for top 5 for all my subjects in the next few assessments leading up to the TRIALS.

    And also if i do become top 5 for all my subjects do you think then I can get 90 + ATAR.

    Can you give me an ATAR estimate as well?

    I just really need your advice right now.

    thanks helps
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