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  • Do CompSc then yeah

    Well, I'm also a bit passive about Actl. I still do it anyway though; the things I learn in it are pretty cool. Only ditch it if you think it's a waste of both time and money I suppose.

    Not really. Interest maybe maths but career I wouldn't have a clue tbh

    (Wow ok stalker :p)
    Nah I feel you. I have no clue if actuarial is right for me either.

    Coding is fun. If you like it then you should definitely pick up computer science (or SENG if you prefer that). Schools not offering technology based subjects shouldn't impact that at all.

    One of the many reasons why I do two degrees is so that I do have a backup. If I find that I made a big mistake doing actuarial in the long run, not only do I have an extra business skill set, but also the ability to just fall back onto maths.

    Thanks! How'd you find out though o_O
    Lol yep. That's what I feel about actuarial and maths. I still do it anyway. Hey, there's people out there who do law/music and other distinct combinations

    Business is fun!

    Yeah. I'm keeping it for a bit longer since I survived last semester.
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