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Mature Lamb
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  • probably not I've got a pretty busy uni schedule, not to mention work commitments. But let me know how it all turns out yeah?

    Hope the event goes really well!
    no problem twas my pleasure ^^ thought I may as well fill up my friendlist, BoS has pretty much supplanted FB for me as my "social networking" site of choice xD
    No D: i really wish I did though :( next time for sure!
    lol of course it's worth it! it's Muse we're talking about here xD
    yeh man its bout volunteering. coz u noe how u r interested in med? well..... the uni lyk to c ppl wid gud community service and charitable participation and i am also interested in volunteering.... cept it aint for med its coz im a gud person =P. but nyhu i thought maybe u wanna find something lyk vinnies hu got heaps of programs to volunteer for together. maybe do stuff on weekends coz u dont work and i quit =). so yeh.... and i will giv u a excel hsc extension 2 book (not new, its from the library and it was cancelled=P) too. its basically a win-win for u coz u need this for med and yeh i wana do sumfing productive on weekends =)
    lamby its me roger hahahha

    i reckon u will get into medicine coz u also do umat and u will get 95+atar so i noe u will
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