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  • Yes! By the way...we need to be choosing all our co-degrees and also stuff such as Majors and Course Units by Enrolment day. Have you decided yet?
    UNSW had a better lecture, in my opinion. They had this student who was brilliant.

    But I'm sticking with USyd. :)
    My friend's not sure. I'll ask Kujah when I see him next.

    I guess I'll see you about Tuesday. :)
    Yeah. That being said, a lot of my friends that do USyd Law who were in the class of 08 said that we don't have to choose the co-degree until enrolment day. :)

    So that's a relief. And also, don't forget UAC is due in 3 days. Don't forget to put USyd Law first - there's nothing worse than being able to make it, but then forgetting. :eek:
    haha surprisingly no.. im actually deferring for a year, I still have NO idea what I wanna do! :(
    Yeah, we still have a while to decide what we wanna do it in combo with. :p

    You going to the info day on Jan 5th?
    Toss up between Arts, International and Global Studies, and the new Arts course: Political Economic and Social Studies. :p
    Hello there :)

    This is a bit late, but I would like to congratulate you on your ATAR and HSC performance!

    I noticed your ATAR in your siggie in the Prelim's thread about "How to beat naturally smart people," lol.

    I just wanted to ask what subjects you did for your prelims/hsc =D
    fabulous effort! you are seriously an inspiration. and you know, hard work pays off - I'm talking from experience, and I'm sure you completely understand. congratulations! :) awesome effort.
    hi, congratulations for ur atar result...that's fantastic
    It was interesting how you didn't stress out too much during the summer vacation n still managed to pace urself and do well....
    What hsc raw marks did u get? And did u stuff up any of your assessment tasks?
    You know, I thought that you had to study a LOT to get the 99 atar....because I am aiming for the same, except I know that I can't get a band 6 for english, which is certain.

    Please reply....congrats once again....

    oohhh thats great :) i live in wahroonga :p
    i'm not too sure about either of them, since i'm starting at a new school next year. I used to go to Willoughby girls, and next year i'm starting at Cheltenham girls high.
    haha :)
    where abouts do you live? cos i will probably need one-on-one last-minute tutoring for the next 2 years
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