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    Employment relations dispute

    Qantas has had on on going dispute, still to this day, concerning the engineering dispute... i hope this helps :)
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    UAI!! Stressed out

    I'm basically in the same boat. i study bout 3-4hrs everynight, however, my results and ranks are pretty good. what works for me is balencing work and fun.. make sure you leave at least one hour a day for yourself..
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    Creative Writting stories

    hello, like some unfortunate people in life i do not have a creative mind. My teacher has adviced me to read other peoples and in general creative stories to help me be more creative. can any one share some physical journey creatice stories please?
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    UAI Prediction

    If you read it properly i said if i keep up this consistantcy....And if you are going to accuse some1 of doing something wrong GET the acusation correct. Get your head out of your ass...
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    Need help with obtaining Physical journey creative stories

    Hello, im having trouble about thinking of physical journey stories/recounts. Could anyone tell me their past writtings that they used and how successful it was?:uhhuh:
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    UAI Prediction

    Re: UAI predicton plz :( hello.....i am coming first in all first all of my subjects which are business studies, communtiy and family studies, legal studies, general maths and standard english. Additionally in all of my assesments/assignments i have been getting band 5s and band 6s...can anyone...
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    How well did u go for first HSC assessments?

    I have received over 80% in everything so if i keep this up, can anyone tell me what UAI i can expect....:santa: