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  • Yay, at least you're not going to end up at UNSW. It's Caucasians like you that make life for Caucasians like me. I'm a UNSW Commerce student and the majority of international students say to me that "you intimidated me because so many other white students didn't want to talk to me because I'm Asian and they think I'm a study freak".
    Oh and it may surprise you, uni is designed for study. It's not like tafe. You won't get brilliant marks in Vet Sci if you don't study even if you do manage to perform the correct favours for the arts faculty.

    thanks for that.. i think my first preferences will be for sydney uni after all.. the campus and historical aspect really won me over after attending the 2nd open day. i'm not the kind to totally immerse myself in my books and study; so social aspects and the campus grounds really help..

    it's not that i dont want to be friends with asians.. most of my life i've always had a couple of asian friends, in fact, in high school mostly all my friends were asian.. but i tend to have a different lifestyle now and dont have much in common with very quiet/serious/studious types (and most asian uni students ive come across seem to be that way.. a bad generalisation maybe, but that's just my personal experience)..

    so, thanks for your message anyway.. i think UNSW Sci. or Arts will be my 3rd or 4th preferences. Cheers.
    in regards to your thread on caucasians at UNSW i'm sure there will be 'enough' there if you only want to be friends with caucasians... :)
    my friends warned me about the same thing =/... but theres nothing worng with being friends with otehr races tho... social activities are the same... from my experience anyway (only at high school, uni this year ^^)
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