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  • i cant figure out what BS is hehe
    and i love your word "science-y" lol!
    i tried maplestory ages ago but i dont play it anymore, i still watch MMVs on youtube though.
    i cant remember how that name popped into my mind when making a Bos account
    oh well, its sorta cute ... :p
    thank god. it was starting to get almost painful to read =\
    look on the bright side, at least they didn't find out that you only say smex.
    aah, now that's more like it haha. what did you guys do in chem anyway?
    uh, yeah. as opposed to how you normally feel? :p skill, dearie. sheer skill.
    RE is studies of Religion. Its compulsory (my school is a catholic one) :(
    oh yes i love both bio and chem! i wanted to do physics too but im not allowed to have 3 science subjects (another stupid school rule)
    well good luck with your assignment and the exams!
    yeah, just watch what you write, alright?
    and bear in mind that there will be times when it's best to stop talking and admit defeat.
    it's not so much about leaping on those who, uh, haven't done it, but poking fun [that might be a slight understatement] at the more conservative viewpoints. which in this case happens to be you.
    dude, I just spent like 10min trying to work out who CY was instead of doing english, and I still can't get it ==

    by the way, I'm fairly sure scaredytiger is female. just sayin'.
    oh dear, you're hilarious.
    you have no idea how hard I'm laughing about your posts in the 18yo virgin thread. it's like a literal rofl-fest over this end, which is awkward since my rents think I'm doing english =\
    what were you doing up past midnight defending your views on sex anyway?

    edit: to multiquote.. there's 4buttons on the bottom right of everyone's posts. it's the second one. when you're done, click reply to topic at the end of the thread.
    well, atm, im stressing out for the half yearlies.
    its coming up in less than 3 weeks (N)
    English is my worst subject too! If i could, i would drop it~
    What subs do you do?
    i do Eng std, RE 2u, Maths 2u, Bio and Chem. lol yeah just ten units and no extensions
    cant be bothered, heheheh
    lol just checking; you're a girl arent you?
    (please dont tell me that you actually are a guy. your screen name contains "miss" )
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