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  • Oh i see :/

    You never know though as cut offs are inflated. Perhaps the real cut off is 88 so tell him just to put it down anyway :)

    No worries ^_^
    Hmmm 83.2 + 5 = 88.2 so you might have a chance. If you get 1 or 2 more marks from HSC plus you should get in :)
    Aha yes. USyd is the best at arts hands down lol
    That's true. They probably want to modernise their image seeing as they're being challenged by the 51 year old UNSW when USyd is 200+ years old XD

    AHA yes :p
    LOL i only did enough to get my >98.95.... i go for efficiency xD
    Yeah, everyone who hasn't research would automatically USyd was the best. But each uni has their own specialties and UNSW has commerce and engo ^^
    I heard that too. I don't understand why they wouldn't use that new law building after spending so much money on it.

    Aha isn't my 1st name obvious? It should be pretty easy finding my last name too XD
    Hehe see!
    Aha i thought so. I know there was one for USyd engo but meh XD
    Hmmm your 1st name eh? I like a challenge :D
    Ah well, i don't mind :)
    LOL you never know; there could be an influx of girls in civil engo this year XD
    Hmmmm i didn't see that scholarship for UNSW :/
    Oh i'm sure i could find a way to get to you IRL ;)
    LMAO you do realise that there are girls in engineering and that you actually have a social life in uni right? ;)
    Hehe i wouldn't exactly call myself anonymous but you certainly are :)
    Aha yeah.
    I love science and maths, especially the applied side physics/maths of them so engineering is the way to go. Just follow your dreams right? :)
    I have some friends diong comm so i'll probably see you round campus, not that you know what i look like XD
    LOL i'm not worried about getting into uni.
    It's just that i expected more of myself and so did everyone else etc etc. But i stuffed around too much. Meh i guess it's over... i probably sounds like an unappreciative prick lol
    Ah, i know that school.
    I did ok, 99.00 is in reach/already reached but i'll know tomorrow.
    Emo about marks though :/
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