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    How are we all going?

    easy. nek minute.. :(
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    Multiple Choice Problem

    Thanks. I get your explanation for FSANZ. But I don't get why you would choose AQIS? They just inspect borders and other places where exports, imports are and prevent any risky foods from entering the "environment" I guess. like border security Australian oyster production wouldn't be an import...
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    Multiple Choice Problem

    Does FSANZ only inform *consumers* about food issues? Also FSANZ conducts food recalls.. so wouldn't that be a form of advising the oyster producers that their oysters are contaminated?
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    Is your FT teacher...

    I've had 3 so far and they're all female. interesting.
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    How to study food technology

    Food Technology is a totally serious subject - don't joke around :p
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    How to study food technology

    it's total bs. :(
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    How to study food technology

    Hi, what is your textbook? I only know of Food Technology in Action and Excel
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    How to study food technology

    How do you study this subject? The syllabus isn't really helpful. It just says "Students learn" and the content.
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    that doesn't make sense - don't dwell :( I fucked up and maths is my best subject :(
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    HELP WITH TRIG tan3x

    can you take a pic or use brackets or something.. what is tan^3