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  • Same, i didn't feel very good about paper 1 at all. Hoping i fixed my english mark just then haha.
    Now on to the real subjects! Keen for ext 2
    I did kind of, but I didn't remember much of it. I honestly never ever thought they'd specify it. Wrote about 3/4 of a page on Bandler and then threw in my essay haha.
    I think I did alright overall, Mod A was tough with textual form of Gatsby, but Mod C i think i nailed it. Hoping for a Band 5.
    Haha ah nice, yeah I did mine a few weeks back as well, forgotten them all though.
    You reckon they'll mark down if they specify a speech and we don't address it first? Probably way too easy to realise it's a memorized essay then haha
    Haha, i've basically done the exact same - although i could barely get a paragraph out of Bandler's. What speeches you using? suu kyi and sadat for me
    alright :) when u get ur marks back, if theyre different to mine ill consider getting them, but if they are the same/similar I'll just see what your raw marks are and just assume mine were similar :p
    haha ill decide that after I get my marks back. I probably wont, but if I do really well in a subject or something, maybe. Hbu?
    hmmm im not really sure lol. I was consistently alright throughout all sections i think, but ive kinda got that experience where you come out not knowing whether it was just utter crap on a page or a gem. If all goes to plan i will hopefully get 36/45 or so. so im satisfied :)
    nice. I did an hour of study today lol. worst day in history. I think this has truly shown me that i don't care about english.
    There's no scientia at usyd, they just have merit scholarships and 99.95 scholarships, but Ur allowed to defer them :D gotta get one though or ill be very poor. I'm working to earn the government dole payment of 10k a year for freeee during uni and then going on a massive holiday to Europe and hopefully tomorrowland. Any plans for the holidays other than pub everyday?
    Yeh looking at advanced maths, still considering whether to double or not but I've got a gap year to think about it. Unsw for u I take it?
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