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    Why is MAQ given so much shit

    Employability :detective:
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    B Comm/Eco or B Comm/Info Sys

    Info Sys (as well as other STEM degrees) are gaining traction from the typical employers :)
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    UNSW Food Guide

    did the qcourt hsps increase in price (again)? :monkey:
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    UNSW Food Guide

    u say that every sem
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    UNSW Food Guide

    any guesses for the q court price increase for next sem? :haha: :monkey:
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    USyd Commerce (Dalyell) or UNSW BCom/BIS? Help

    I don't think its going to bump your CV up that much to be a significant factor.
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    The 'CLUBs' Guide (sydney)

    tldr: stay at home
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    ez to D/HD if u did eco in high school maths isnt really a big factor in this course
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    Official Cryptocurrency Thread

    The core reason why its still afloat is because its the main trading pair outside of the big 3.
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    What laptop should I get for uni?

    get the laptop that can mine you the most bitcoin @squareroot.
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    What laptop should I get for uni?

    macbook to flex on the other kiddos and impress the ladies :) :monkey: