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  • (Also, full-time work means I'm not on bos much atm so maybe fb/text me if that's ok for you because I don't get on here as often as I used to)
    At the risk of being the most difficult person ever, I've been asked to work Thursday as well. How do you feel about late afternoon tea/early dinner? I'm always starving when I finish at 5. (I'm sorry!)
    Make that this awkward moment where I didn't realise until an hour ago that my sister whom I haven't seen in 3 months (because I went traveling, then right before I got back, she went off for a few weeks), is coming back on Wed and her plane gets in at 12:40. Could we maybe do brunch before you have to do your stuff on Wed? Or Thursday instead if you don't mind trekking in twice?
    I think party hats are needed :hat: :pirate: :headbang: :santa: :music: :hippie:

    Can definitely do lunch next week! I'm working at uni Mon and Tues and get an hour lunch break (usually 12:30-1:30) or because my stories always go forever coffee/dinner after? I finish at 5. Or I have no plans wed/thurs/fri. So whenever, really
    But that stuff sounds GOOD. An improvement at least. And I bet you're less frustrated at life?

    Trip was good. I have stories. Lots of stories. Some of them fun at the time but not a super interesting story gallery/museum/hp world stuff (there's this art gallery in Amsterdam that was designed specifically to house Rembrant's The Night Watch, but when they spent millions building it and put the painting in, they realised they did it wrong and you couldn't see the painting because of the glare. oops) and some hilarious ones (includes a calvin klein model, me djing in a london club at 2am, the several times people thought I was a lesbian??? setting alight my own fireworks, running into 5 people I knew in 3 different countries in 10 days etc)
    Nothing much. Just microwaved some apple/cinnamon bread and I'm about to read a bit more before going back to bed.

    Oh, and I thought of two awkward stories I was going to tell you at the meet but I guess they'll have to wait until next time. One's super creepy while the other has an ending that's far less weird. How's stuff going for you?
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