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  • 2007 had 7 90 ATAR'ers, so I thought they would of been one of the better cohorts lol.

    I don't think our 2012 cohort is very strong, couple of guns, but other than that I don't think they have many 90+ people. I'm hoping 2013 is strong though.
    Our school did pretty good this year in comparison to the last couple of years then, could be better than the cohort back in 2007(hopefully).

    Congrats on 87.65 btw.
    Maths - 98
    History - 94
    Geography - 91
    English - 90
    Science - 89
    Computers - 95

    Take 1 mark from maths and give it to science.

    That makes 97+ in a subject and band 6 for everything. Rep me anyway?
    I thought she got 96 in English?

    So far I've gotten a band 6 in geo, and 98 in maths. I don't know if I'll get a band 6 in science though as our test was 90% biology, the whole second half of the short answers was biology lol.
    I've gotten 2 results back, 1 is over 97 and the other a band 6.

    If my last 3 are band 6's, be prepared to rep me ty.
    "what did is your interview" Sorry that was retarded xD

    I am gunning for med next year.. I didn't really focus that much on it this year so hopefully next year is a bit better :)

    Yeah I am on Facebook, I will PM you.
    That's alright then :) Best of luck, what did is your interview? On the plus, first year med students get iPads at UNE next year for free xD
    Yeah :) What is your back up plan? I have applied for Med Science + Advanced Med Sci at UWS, UoS, UNSW and if all else fails Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Medical Science @ UoS.. I got early entry for Clinical Science at Orange but I don't want to go :( Want to experience the city life :D
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