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    First in Course List

    when will the state rankers / distinguished achievers be released???
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    ATAR estimate (internal ranks and aligned marks)

    hey may i ask what raw marks for business, eco, and 3u maths you predict to get the score alignment of 90?
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    did so bad for this section...
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    Short answer help!

    the supervisors said if you need more room to write for short answers, you should write on one of the booklets (which were meant for business report/essay) and just label short answers
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    Section II - Short Answer

    i just said how finance needs to determine amount of funds available.. i.e decreased amount--> standardisation , which is risky in diff markets...etc
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Ext 1

    farken for the parabola finding the focus i got a=4/k or something and drew the parabola.. when i wrote the focus down (4/k,0) when it was the other way around...?/ will i still get a mark?i drew the fken parabola alrdy as well!! what does a 50/70 scale up to as well :(
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    Section II - Short Answer

    did anyone put training programs as a strat....... i just said the continual skill refinement of existing labour--> increase productivity and skil;-->will erode the possible loss of output associated with downsizing. and for debt to equity.. i think i did in %? showed working and everything...
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    Section II - Short Answer

    acquisition separation
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    Section II - Short Answer

    for strategies i did rewards and training programs....
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    Question 14 Solutions

    sorry i dont understand.. so are you saying that low 50s like 52/70 will be scaled up to an e4?? just for the hsc mark?
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    Comprehensive Syllabus Notes w/ Case Studies for EVERY syllabus point!!!

    ** for WESTA multiple choice q5 how do we calculate closing balance without 'purchases'!!!
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    Comprehensive Syllabus Notes w/ Case Studies for EVERY syllabus point!!!

    hey man you are a legend thanks so much !
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    farkkk isnt the integral -4/21