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    UNSW Chit Chat Thread 2014

    ID cards are available starting Monday next week.
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    At least one related text wording

    2014 will be the last year the AOS is Belonging.
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    Trick questions in HSC??

    Yes use the quote. No don't use a different technique.
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    FrankenBlade- VALUES

    No worries, reps are welcome! ;)
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    FrankenBlade- VALUES

    - nature stuff: Value of nature in Frankenstein is challenged - Shelley warns us / Value of scientific exploitation in Blade Runner is embraced (also see that Ridley Scott actually believes in the value of nature, and uses the film BR to warn us if we forget about this value) - relationship...
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    Is it possible?

    You'll need a fair bit of adaptation, but yes, it's possible. You'll also need to practise adapting your essays to different Qs.
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    Hubris Within Frankenstein?

    A starting point might be Victor's belief he can usurp the role of God. eg. part where he picks out parts at the graveyard
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    How many creative writing exams are there in year 12?

    If your school starts with the AoS in Term 4, you could definitely start working on ideas for a creative based on Belonging. There are no creatives in Module A, B and C of the Advanced course.
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    What are some themes to talk about (particularly Orwell, but speeches also applies)?

    Re: What are some themes to talk about (particularly Orwell, but speeches also applie Could also talk about: - influence of context/contextual events - calling the reader to action - telling the truth in writing - Orwell's fear that the English language is being degraded and will become...
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    Looking for an english adv + eng ext tutor!

    Sorry not quite the same!
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    Looking for an english adv + eng ext tutor!

    Do you know what module electives/texts your school will be doing in Year 12?
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    We're Allowed to Change Classes Until Next Week Right?

    Yep, you have until 5pm on Sunday 4 August to enrol in new courses without penalty. After this date, you can only drop courses without penalty until the census date. However, you cannot pick up new courses.
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    What are some good related texts for english extension 1 ( science fiction )

    - A Clockwork Orange - The Time Machine
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    Possible Translation:- Our interest in the similarities between Frankenstein and Blade Runner is heightened because one is a book (hences uses literary techniques) and one is a film (hence uses cinematic techniques)
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    Blade Runner Viewing Task - HELP

    Tips:- - If it's an essay, practise writing essays using different key scenes - During the in-exam viewing, note down the techniques and quotes you see (you should really know what to look for beforehand if your study is complete)