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    lol atar estimate? 88+ or 75+??

    Using Dux college I got 74.5. I really dont understand how it could be 85+ when you dont have many band 5s. I have 3 band 5's and 2 band 4's and im getting a similar score... We'll find out in 9 hours!
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    Anyone looking at Victorian universities?

    I'm in wagga which is roughly half way between the two. I didn't aplpy through UAC. I'm doing communications/media though, so not much point with competting with the elite kids of sydney when RMIT/Swinburne aren't too far away. Melbourne just cause friends, music and sport. I feel the NSW uni's...
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    Obtaining raw marks

    Raaadd. That kind of makes it's worth it.
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    Obtaining raw marks

    Wow that is actually ridicolous. $22 to recieve your own marks. I don't think they give us a break down, just the score.
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    Obtaining raw marks

    Some people who are interested or confused in raw marks. Heres the link to get your raw marks - But at $6 a course it's a bit rich. However it will help with the raw mark database on here so even...
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    General Thoughts: Modern History

    Pretty good exam trials went 25/23/20/23 so im hoping for basically a similar mark but I went way better in Trotsky in HSC than trials, so that should offset a not as solid CoiE. Just by the by, I write between 220-250 words a page, what does every else write? I didn't feel to booklets for...
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    Official: 2013 Modern History HSC Exam predictions thread

    Just sayin' after English and legal I think the questions will be broad and generic. It seems to be a theme. Hoping for a good Stalin question, an extent to how important was Trotsky and basically need to re-learn conflict in Europe.
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    Multiple Choice

    And pretty sure 20 is B, simply because the GG doens't review the legislation, the senate is the 'house of review'. B is more correct.
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    Multiple Choice

    For 12 "Too turn you away from a life of crime we're taking away your house, ferrari and the cool guitar you have, so like you see that crime is bad"
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    Multiple Choice

    How is 12 rehabilitation, surely it's retribution?
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    Short answers extra writing booklets

    One year a kid wrote 23 pages for the National Study question in Modern, it all got read but he got full marks after 8 pages anyway.
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    predictions for LEGAL

    Hoping for a similar question to 2011 for family basically does it achieve justice etc cause than I just chuck everything I know intoa respectable essay. Consumers will probably want to something with Australian Consumer Law 2011 (Cth), The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) and the...
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    Society and Culture Islam trouble.

    So a few weeks ago I sent my teacher an email asking her for her thoughts on how to approach the Islam belief system questions I said "for Islam my essay structure is as follows: Intro traditions/history technology migration globalisation futures conclusion." She replied today...
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    Consumers Essay Help

    Caveat emptor is sooooo outdated. Mention it like once in your intro. So many more important/relevant things like the credit code and trade practices.
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    Need advice for trials.

    I got 91 for my trial (what didnt everyone else get?) which sounds impressive, but i didnt do too well, 25 for WWI but only 20 for Trotsky. Do you want my essay questions? I found my essays that 23/25 were just simple form - If i put 6 ideas in my intro I wrote 6 BP's and that usually should...