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    Bachelor of IT at UTS or Macquarie in terms of cybersecurity (major)?

    Tbh both are the same. Macquarie has invested $10 million into cyber security in recent years. Optus and Macquarie uni have some partnership in which they created a building/hub just for cyber security research. But no one beats UNSW in that field.
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    Moving schools?

    I personally don't know any school that lets you enrol in Year 12 unless there are unforeseen circumstances. But no, they won't allow it because you want to do 4 unit maths.
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    Any tips for Year 11 2019?

    General tip: Take care of your health. Make sure you at least get 7 hours of sleep every night. (Most important) Have an active social life and hangout with friends when you get the opportunity to do so. You do not want to experience burnout.
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    MQ Chatter Thread

    DMTH137-->both the lecturers are terrible. ISYS114--> BORING, but easier than my other units. MATH136-->Great COMP125-->Great
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    Anyone watched chernobyl?

    Really good.
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    MQ Chatter Thread

    Any of you have done DMTH137- Discrete Mathematics I ? Im also doing MATH136- Mathematics 1B this sem but Ive heard that discrete maths is really different and difficult than the usual calculus+linear algebra. Do you guys have any tips I should keep in mind or particular study methods which...
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    Commerce degree with computer science or math/statistics?

    LOL, why do you diss Australian uni's so much hahaha
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    What the hell should i do? Does Commerce (HR)/Science (Psychology) make sense?

    Yeh you can do that, that would be a double degree in Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science. Here's the link for that: Tbh your HSC is in 2022, You really have a long way to go and you...
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    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts, theories etc.

    You are probably typing this from a country in which majority of your population follows your religion that you talk so highly of. Yet your society is full of corruption, deception and dishonesty. So you feel that you have some moral authority to lecture us about our ethics & values on an...
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    Transferring into UNSW Commerce

    Should check out bachelor of economics but the guaranteed entry is 93, there is a good chance you may get in with 90 though.
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    Best Tutoring Colleges

    As Jazz519 mentions above, tutoring centre for English is not worth it at all. I would go far to say that tutoring for english at a centre is useless, they basically teach things which your school teaches, additionally giving you a bit of material here and there. Majority of the tutoring centres...
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    Near Trials, Still worth taking notes?

    No, find the best possible study method to remember the information from other peoples notes. One problem is that people just keep re-reading their notes which is a passive study method, you actually don't remember much in the exam if your just going to re-read your notes till exams. Search on...
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    MQ Chatter Thread

    It just seems crazy to me that he earns that much money. Even if he is the vice-chancellor of a university, I don't think it's right for an educational research facility to be providing such an outrageous salary. The prime minister of Australia earns half of what he does.
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    TEXTBOOKS! or past papers

    I would wait a bit before buying them, when I did my HSC a lot of the textbooks I bought were not worth it as I used other resources which were more effective in explaining things. I think you should first borrow them from your school or local library, and see how effective the textbook is for...