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  • Omg sorry for such a late reply. I've been so busy this week and like behind in everything!! and still behind sigh :(

    haha nah you'll probs get at least 5/10... avg is like 6/7 ! 8/10 is like whoa shit SO GOOD hahaa.

    Can you like add me on facebook cos i don't go on boredofstudies much haha :) look me up .. ill private msg u my full name.

    but i know exactly how you feel about the law guys being intellectually up there!! i haven't actually met like a lot of selective kids .. my class has like a lot of ppl from just random schools which is good i guess haha. i haven't met a ruse law kid yet.. wtf. they probs went to usyd haha.
    Haha yeah they sold it real quickk. I'm only going because a girl in my class decided not to go in the last minute due to having like 5 assignments due next week.. man what about Lawball... sold out last time in like 10 minutes. Thats retarded. The people who got tickets must have had 10 computers on them with godly internet speed+no lag.
    DUDEEE CHECK IF YOUR WORD COUNT IS INCLUDING THE FOOTNOTES cos ijust unticked it and now i have to write 200 more words far out... I guess I will have to do more rambling and bullshitting.

    haha yeeah chem is so boring! i'm behind in physics/chem/maths... law.. everything woohoo!

    WHAT you said you had blonde hair. LOLOL what is it going to be next... green? RAINBOW! omg yes.

    Haha I think i've made friends in both...... but yeah I think the type of people are different. It seems with law I have to be kinda intellectual when I'm talking and then with science I'm just laid back.... not saying they're dumb but it's like a diferent atmosphere I think.. because most of the people in law are crazy achievers and it just puts that touch of intimidation I think. Hard to explain but maybe you get what I mean lolol.
    Hahaha omg fuck my report is just so bad... i just hope I pass !! :(
    Haha Rydberg is OK right? I didn't like the orbitals!!! My head was gonna explode with such weird concepts :(
    Are you going to law camp lols? Btww WHAT IS YOUR NAME? LOL I don't even know it haha. I'm Florence if I didn't already tell you!
    Haha yeah Mum was heaps happy and couldn't believe I would ever decide to do it... even I didn't believe it myself!

    Omg THANKS FOR THE LINK! Are you booking anything in particular? I am sorta curious to attend all those lectures about writing on the last day so Friday 24 in addition to the science/law related ones... hmm i just hope it is helpful though because it is a bit of a trek to get to UNSW lol (so lazyyyy). How long does it take for you to get there? :eek:

    Haha omg that show is good!! Gotta love Barney!
    I think I was more than shit scared........ I wanted to die at that moment cos it was just scary as... good thing is, I've been a goody goody ever since hehehe :p

    Haha dangg I am jelly! :( Yes you are very lucky to be able to speak Korean and great English as well! Your parents must be really proud of ya!

    Haha yeah we should meet up!! You know how we combine law with science... are we able to go to the science one as well? :eek:

    And sozz I actually read your msg last night but was having a Harry Potter movie marathon by myself LOL & was so absorbed in it all :(
    Ohhhh nice! Yeah same I got in with AAA LOL. Gotta love it.

    Hahaha profit! I'm not much of an entrepreneur as you can already tell! Wellllllll I didn't lose anything cos it wasn't my money to start off with but still I think it is one of the worse things I've ever done in my life... stealing money off my parent!! I can still remember when she found out...and her whole face spelt rage. :(

    Ohh Korean nice! Me? I'm Chinese...well actually parents are chinese but I was born here and I can't even speak any chinese so I feel stupid if I say I'm Chinese? do you get that? Like I SO wish I could speak the language and have a good conversation with someone but it's sad when strangers come up to me and start talking to me in chinese and I have no idea what they're saying or can't reply back lol. :( oh well such is life!
    Dannng you serious? What did she get, like 99.95?! I still don't get how your school is ranked in the 400s if like 2 ppl can get 99+? :eek:

    Hmmmmm fine. I am probably just a bogan inside eagerly awaiting for that first drink at the pub hahah :D ohhh yeah well I kinda did buy the real thing....... so STUPID cos it was so expensive!!! I remember I bought like 50 for $40 I think and now that I think about it... WHAT WAS I THINKINNNNG lol. Sorry I just mentioned 'think' like 3 times...haha. I really doubt my Mum would still have them. I remember she hid them in a cupboard somewhere and I made the effort to try find them again but they disappeared so i'm guessing they went to the recycling.

    Hahah I thought it was the white ppl who love coffee and asians who love tea... like green tea haha. Maybe all the times I've had coffee the person who made it gave me a dodge cup :( So what kinda asian are you? :O
    WTF WHY WERE YOU AWAKE AT 4.22AM????!!!!!!!?!?!@E$@#$@#$*(^)@#* lol.
    Ohh whoa! SO DID YOU GET DUX?? :O you must have been way up there if you didn't!

    Why do you have to read me so easily :( I can't wait to step into a pub yeeeerrrrrr ;D

    Well I guess I was a tom-boy! .... I have never watched Sailor Moon in my liiiiiiiife. I don't know any other characters in that anime except Sailor Moon herself -.- Mmmmmm I got so obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh cards with my brother that my Mum had to confiscate them all since we were pinching money off from her to buy cards! Oh what was I thinking back then...

    Hahaha I hate coffee!!!!!!! It tastes gross! I'm a tea person like an old granny :)

    Heeeeeey eating contributes to you being alive!!! So it is essential!
    Hahaha did you go to some selective school or something? That is the only reason I can think of where there'd be quite a few asians.

    Ahhhhhhhh yes stop rubbing it in!! I shall enjoy my innocence for now!

    Haha at times I wish I did just do Chem and Bio because I had the worse Physics teacher in the world!! but I stuck in there and just taught myself the whole course haha.

    Wow yellow and brown hair! I bet it looks like yummy desert mmm. :D Haha dw I have no problems with homosexuals anyway :) Why is watching DBZ shameful? IT SHOULDN'T BE! Hahaha I think I just had brotherly influence in watching DBZ & Pokemon... then got obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh cards? No idea if each syllable was suppose to be separated by dashes..

    Ohh wow I wish my body functioned like that!! I am quite a light sleeper compared to my friends. I have never woke up past midday - probably because I feel like I'm wasting away the day just sleeping when I could be doing something more productive haha like eating. LOL
    Haha THANKS :( though I have nothing against oompa loompas.

    I guess you're already 18? I gotta wait a bit more than 4 months to reach the big 18. :(

    I did chem and physics :)

    Wow! Who inspired you to bleach your hair? Thanks for making my job easier when I wanna stalk you haha. now I'm reminded of super saiyan goku from dragon ball z.. haha miss those mornings where I woke up at 6 or something to watch it on cheese tv... :( haha stairs... can't wait to have a nice sculpted ass by the end of the first week lolol.

    Hahaha yeah I was so embarassed when I couldn't help a 2u friend in year 12 with probability or some other horrid topic :( You'd expect 4u peeps to think 2u as cinch but it wasn't always easy peasy! or is that just me.. lol. I have no clue how I survived 4u and did relatively well, it was such a pain!

    Yeah talking about morning person.. did you even sleep lol?
    What is the cut-off for classifying someone as short haha? I'm not an oompa loompa at leaaaast...164cm...or you be the judge. I'm ASIAN LOL so... we asians looks very young in comparison to caucasians unless the few who start to grow grey hairs early on in their life :(

    Did you do all 3 sciences for the HSC? mannnnn you krezy guy if you did. haha.

    Ohh I CAN STALK YOU IN CHEM AT 12? haha marking your territory. Btw what time does your law lec start? my law lec will be from 2-4 on that monday. :)

    I think it's gonna be really odd to be doing work again... I feel like I can't do any maths or write formally anymore.. due to such a long break that still doesn't seem long enough haha. I mean... 5 weeks till uni?!

    Dun worry I'm sure you will do well. You sound like the type to worry but fly with swimming colours - it just shows you care.. so just have fun !
    Woo mini spam. Haha.

    Haha yeah I probably still look like I'm in year 7 though. Or at least ... I feel like one sometimes!

    Babs? What the heck is babs. I was saying 'babs' in my head haha and it sorta made me laugh at myself... an embarassing moment there. *googles* ahh biotechnology & biomolecular science? sounds impresseeve. :p

    Overwhelming? I'm gonna pee in ma pants if I come late and have on idea where to sit! So imma stake out a seat early on like first day? I think I have Chem as my very first lesson at uni... yay? What about you - what's your first lesson on the 27th?

    HD'er? NAH i will get over 9000. Loljk. HD sounds imposs.
    Haha but the city is just full of suited people and hobos... and.. maccas. :p But I guess if you're into that... go nuts haha. Yeah I'm excited about the new approach uni has compared to high school where we are basically spoon-fed info! We're big kiddies now!

    Haha I think the library is also open very late as well! Free wifi yay...and super fast download here I come.

    That's true but I think whatever you pick, just as long as it interests you! I don't think it matters too much if they are totally related, you will always find something you can do with it later on! And science is so broad anyway so you are in a win situation anyway you turn!

    Courses? I was thinking all sci kids basically did the same thing for first semester... like I'm doing Phys1121, Chem1011, Math1131? Sorry is that what you were talking about? Haha if Chem1011 is HSC all over again.. GOOD cos that might be the only time where I can get super godly marks! :p
    Hahaha well it's good you learnt from experience and aren't doing commerce in uni even though we have awful timetables.... though my friend just told me tonight that she has a 10pm finish at UTS?? and that's her doing business focused IT degree.. (forgot the exact course name)

    Wowza. You seem like a mirror of myself in that last part... cos I was SO set on doing pharmacology as a major the day before we got our offers... then I was like NAH materials science hahaha! I absolutely loved learning about polymers and like structures of materials etc in chemistry so my interest might carry into uni hopefully! :)

    So if it's heating up where you are... is that in the west side?
    Bahaha yeah I did commerce in year 9.... and had enough of copying slabs of writing from the txtbook so went to do accelerated music which was also a big mistake but still a bludge lol!

    Haha talking about sun..... it's pouring over here atm! soo I don't think it'll be hell today!

    Did you always want to do law or you got the marks to do it and felt you'd give it a go? Just curious! My bro said that a girl she knew only did law because she couldn't get into medicine haha. Sad. :/
    Ohh and what do you want to major in for science?
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