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  • Heyo :)
    I'm doing HSC next yr, and want to do UMAT too.. cant really afford to go to classes though. I saw a thread a while back where u said you would send UMAT papers, do u still have those.. if its not too much trouble can u PREETYY PREETY PLEAASEEE send me themmmmmmmm ??? :)
    email - ahranee28@gmail.com
    PLEASE <3
    hey, you sent me a post saying that dylanamali is selling the 3u fitzpatrick book. i was wondering if you could send me the url of the page. thanks heaps
    Nw, u're helping me :D
    .... but ur rep is on 5 and im on 2! :O :O ... I've been here longer :'( . *cries in corner* lol
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