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  • hahahahhahhaa ohhh you fell for it too. dw, so many people on here have fell for it, ur not the only one. :p
    LOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL sounds like legal :( hahahahha. yeah i dunno what the LOL was about. the cafe thing yeah it was that LOL. i forgot what it was after i typed it. im hell glad i got out of that place when i did haha. im grateful for everything school did for me, it would be rude of me not to be hahaha, but i am much better off spending almost 4hrs of my life travelling each day HAHAHAHAHAH. FML
    LOL i was the same but not when i look at myself i think fuck you are insanely ridiculous. although, i can see where you are coming from. i only miss the encouragement from my teachers :) i mean...their life goes on so yours should :) haha
    OMG FYL ITS TRUE! hahaha. like omg the freedom of uni is amazing <3 like its soooooo free :) except yeah fml i have no weekends thanks to assignments but still....and people are way nicer at uni lol.
    goooddddd :) btw life is way better outside school :) lol. i just want to lol @ all you year 12's right now hahaha.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! mine are freaky though seriously hey??? like oh my goddddd. thank god 3 of my best friends were on that night cos i was sooooooooo like....i dunno how to describe!!! YOU HAVE TO TELL ME YOU HAVE TO YOU HAVE TO!
    i tried to send you the story! it says your pm inbox is full or you have disabled it on dgof.
    it is SO IN DEPTH! i will have to fully write it out!!
    ive been asked out & yeah....its gross & constantly told ILY ILY!
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