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    Selling IPT Notes! Discount Code Inside

    Hi Guys! I'm here to promo some outstanding entire syllabus notes with Multimedia elective, made in conjunction with 3 Band 6 IPT students of 2016. And because this website got me through my HSC, I'm adding a 25% off coupon code 'BOS' to sweeten the deal. Samples ...
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    Why is the IPT forum dead?

    IPT is so easy it is offered as an accelerated year 9-10 subject at my school, where everyone gets over 90 in the final exam lmao
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    Fort Street vs Sydney Girls

    as someone from sghs, coming here you get a lot of unique opportunities and you can successfully apply to pretty much anything with our school name. However, you have to be prepared to ~enjoy~ a LOT of really really incompetant teachers as the teaching attitude is pretty much "they're smart they...