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  • Haha I don't really know him that well. Met him when I spent a week down in Canberra on mission last year and he's legitimately one of the most interesting people I've ever met (and he told me I was pretty amazing (which was nice)). But hey, I don't live in Canberra and he does.

    If you ever meet (and I would recommend you do), definitely bring up onesies! (who doesn't love a cuddly onesied man?)

    this has a lot of parentheses
    Always interesting to realise someone from the internet knows someone you know in ~real life~

    And I was practically in love with him once upon a time :p
    waitwaitwait you do maths phd stuff at ANU, right (yes your about me is saying yes)? Do you know David last name starts with S?
    When you do the factorial operation to negative or non-integer numbers
    (like for example (1.45)! or (-2)! etc.)

    What topic do I type in youtube to learn more about them (or the very very basis of it, I am interested and bored lol)
    :) Thanks
    and btw, got bundled out 2nd in poker :( Went all in with a low chip count on A2 suited, person who called had QQ. On the flop he hit a third queen, on the turn I hit a flush, on the river he hit a full house lol.
    just the man I was looking for.

    When making a substitution, can you sub with the same variable to make it easier to get to the result that it is denoted in?

    for example, when u have to show like the integral of f(x) = f(a-x) or something, can u sub x=a-x or do you have to go x=a-u and then once u get the result, let x=u and sub back in?
    Seanieg what is your philisophical view on bleakarcher's sig:
    “Physics is to mathematics like sex is to masturbation.” —Richard Feynman

    Do you agree with it, or do you agree the opposite? or...
    Hey seanieg! When you got 99 in four unit, was that a percentage or raw mark? So did you get 99/120 or like 119/120?
    Thanks man! :) but with the pairing up of 4 players selected, isnt that 3? like, the man can be with the other man, or one woman, or the second woman?
    CaCan yuou please help me with perms and combs question?
    "In how many ways can a mixed doubles tennis match with 6 married couples be played, if no husband and wife are to be together in the same match?"
    Is the answer to Pirates 201?

    I dont want to spam the thread, so Im just asking here why, if its correct I will give my explanation in the thread. (I am assuming that when there are 201 pirates remaining, he gives 100 to everyone he can BUT himself, this ensures his survival, because thats his no.1 priority)
    Hi sean can you help me thanks. how would i approach this question, An odd polynomial P(X) is of degree 3. (x+4) is a factor and, when it is divided by (x-3) the remainder is 21. Find P(X)
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