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  • helllo Sheikh...yes ur dp is haram...u should have a dp of a girl with a scarf on...yeah doublful that at the age of 79 youd know how to use the internet profoundly...lol but ok sheikh
    how was ur hsc last yr? what are u studying now??? :) :)
    hahah go germany and netherlands!(wow to be honest i have never actually met anyone like you before. youare actually happy when someone goes for the muslims and enthusiastic about it. everyone else is just like "meh, i don't care").
    haha yeah i do stay awake until 2 am sometimes to wach the games, but only if the teams i really like are playing. soccer and tennis are the only sports i bother watching and staying up late for.
    wat about you?
    yeah i watch the soccer but like you only wen the world cup is one. well i didn't actually know france and germany had that many muslims in them! wowness well i like germany but i mostly went for australia (until they lost) so now i don't know which team to go for.
    but to be patriotic in a way (to islam) i will go for germany. do any other countries have that many in them?
    wa alaiqum alsalam wa rahmatu allah wa barakatuh lol
    why dont u have a picture of a woman with a scarf as ur avatar? lol
    are u really a Sheikh or is that just a joke? coz Sheikh at the age of 79 that finished his hsc last year...nice! :) :) :)
    hahah nah i don't think i'm not a nice person, i'm just kinddin! :D ohhhh your blushing
    how cute!
    do you watch fifa?
    lol i know your not a sheikh! and that 79 year old thing was sarcasm [u were meant to laugh! :( jks ]
    well about your judgment.... i could answer you in two ways :
    1. the modest answer "ohh well taj, you could be wrong cause some say i am awesome but i must say i don't believe i am"
    2. the not modest answer : " taj, you are not wrong at all! :) i think you are a good judge of character.. so thank you for the compliment :) "
    which one would you prefer? take your pick.
    (by the way you don't seem too bad your self :D)
    That's true, they'll go further in their careers by moving over to the German clubs.
    Nah i doubt i'll stay up tonight, but maybe i will for the Brazil v Chile match, could be fun to watch lol
    Nah i don't watch every game, just those that i think would be great.
    Lol yeah France was shithouse, i wasn't supporting them though haha
    Ozil has like massive fish eyes, but honestly he doesn't even look Turkish, he looks more Cypriot.
    Players with a Turk background are growing in numbers, unfortunately a lot of them are going to other European countries.
    hahahahahaha i went to bed at 6, woke up ay 2pm lol
    I can do it because im used to the whole concept of sleeping late.
    hahahaaha. no probs sheikh, i say just say stuff randomly too. (wait it feels wierd calling you sheikh like am taling to a real one or someting, is taj ok?)
    lol thanks for the complement, but honey you don't know me yet so your jugement may be wrong :)
    p.s how does it feel to be like to be 79 years old and a pro at using the net? :)
    hahah ok. how are you mutha f***?
    umm... the actual thread i can't remember but i remember that i thought you were tolling around being retarted where it wasn't neccesary so i neg reped you. no hard feelings?
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