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  • I think I got an idea of who you are but not sure about the name hahaha. We're in the same prac for ITPP. I don't have any tutes on Tues. I got 4/4 but don't worry too much, 2 people I know already got 3/4 so... you're not the only one. There was a trick question about what pop health was I think that was where you got wrong? (one of the answers was all of the above I think, but that's the wrong one). Do you play soccer?
    Pop health was alright because most of the contents were covered when I did PDHPE in high school. Same for Human anatomy though i think it's going to be much harder later on.... Let's not disclose our names until the end. I want to see if I can somehow guess who you are LOL
    Do you have prac for Intro Physio on Wed?
    My name is amani and I want to go into either corporate law or commercial law, and I want revise contracts in my spare time for fun. Yep I have no life hahaha.
    It sounds like an extremely rewarding career! Good on you for choosing it.
    I live heaps far from my uni. It takes me an hour and forty minutes to get to uni in the morning! 2 trains and a bus lol.
    Its a hassle to drive to uni, driving would take an hour when there isnt any peak hour but during peak hour its pretty much the same as going by public transport. Most of my classes start just after peak hour has finished so yeah wouldnt be worth driving to uni lol.
    Hahaha, na, we're not creeps irl (well the others arent, im not too sure about myself o_O jkz jkz)
    Lol I would actually love to meet Riproot irl, he's such a character.
    Im at the Parramatta campus. Im guessing you might be at Campbelltown since youre doing physio?
    Thanks and arent you the lucky duck, living so close to uni, nice! oh youre a 93 baby! so am I, I just read your 'About me'
    Are you coming to the uws meat?
    I'm sorry slut.
    Write "bump" in the inbox and I'll reply when I awaken. :p
    No you don't, it was pretty bad, I left in a right state as I sung barbie girl whilst running through the streets with the girls. :haha:
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