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  • Judging by the last part of your message I'm guessing a lot of students don't like later on but it's too late to drop it? I definitely don't have an inherent interest for law and am only doing it for employment but I will try, do u do law at usyd?
    Hey there I saw your post on law from a few years ago. I maybe doing a double law degree at UNSW I did legal studies in high school and did quite well got a state rank but I didn't really like it especially some of the readings and it got quite boring I only found some cases interesting I was wondering if the law degree can also get quite boring and unengaging.
    How are you? I am a year 12 student currently studying: Physics, 2 Unit Math, Standard English, Ancient History and Biology. I was hoping if you could send me any annotated notes you had on any of these subjects (preferably English). Because I'm really struggling to make notes on the topics and keep up with homework and assessment. Thanks heaps

    Kind regards,
    Celebrimbor1006 :headbang:
    Is there any other more specific name for the so-called 'dot point book'? Is it like some sort of textbook or like various custom notes? Just wondering lol, and I've also heard that Jacaranda is pretty decent. What were ur subjects back then if I may query?
    Hello there , I was just wondering if u have any recommendations as to which textbooks/notes would be the most helpful towards Y11 Prelim Chem/Bio. I'm starting in around two weeks lol, I've already bought some of the Excel Material so I'm all good when it comes to that for now. I've also read a few of those tips u provided on the thread u linked me earlier. Was curious as to if u had any other additional helpful tips/advice besides aimlessly staring at notes. Anything is appreciated at this point as I'm screwed either wayy... :)
    I was wondering what would be a good related text for the motorcycle diaries and short stories by Henry Lawson
    Hi Mei,
    My name is Asha. I'm currently in Year 10 at a comprehensive school. English has never been my best subject. Next year I will be going to a selective school and I'm just afraid that I will struggle with English. Would you be able to tell me how much you charge per hour and where tutoring sessions will be held?
    Thank you so much :)
    when u have time, can u please check ur atb creative writing thread? also if u could check our my mod c thread and help clarify itll be awesome!!
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