• Best of luck to the class of 2019 for their HSC exams. You got this!
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  • Lol yeah people were sorta like questioning the multiple choice..
    I reckon it was ok? Hope they put answers here like with maths haha. (But I didn't check maths because I was too scared =P)
    I just hope I was in the right direction with the 5-7 markers

    THE OPTION WAS STUPID. I hated it. Like it wasn't anything too challenging..
    It was on all the crap topics.

    Next test Chem. -dies-
    Bahaha I see what you did there. Belonging was ok, the modules were shitttt.
    My top is Nutrition but I may have to change that hahaa to maybe B of Science
    But what could I do with it.
    What are you doing after HSC?
    Bahahah! I sure did ;]

    English and Maffs were not as great as I expected!!!

    I don't even care about MX1 lol.
    I hope I can do really good in Bio =[

    Chem and Phys are killing me atm.
    How's everything?

    What's your top UAC choice?
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