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  • Thanks a bunch! I will make sure board of studies regrets their decision!
    Fingers crossed for wednesday... i think i am more curious than nervous... i am very lucky that i dont need an atar! I got high marks in my assesments, but when it comes to exams i go blank and freak out. So i am hoping that my assessment marks pull me through! (even though i dont need an atar... it would be nice to get a good score!)
    Anywho, goodluck with getting your marks back... and everything in the future. i am sure you have a very bright future ahead of you.
    best wishes
    no unfortunetly i didnt get nominated for art express. I am very disappointed,but hey what can you do?! i have had alot of success in exhibiting it locally, as well as getting amazing feedback. someone said to me, to send a pic to Kerri Anne, Sunrise, etc... some possible publicity... (i feel a bit silly though... feels like i am boasting... but it might get me a contacts/work experience with a designer.)... mum said to send a pick to red robbin (who make socks) they may want to publicise it/hang a pick on their office desk...lol... I dont know! Will wait and see what happens... all in all its a great example to put my portfolio when i am trying to get into a fashion course!... and just to have in my studio to look at.
    goodluck with your future creative arty days ahead!
    Haha you're right!!! I'll have to actually watch it... when the HSC finishes lol.
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