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  • every night i come to azures house and stare at his window, and he comes out, like juliet, thats why he continues to stay on the forums
    Hope it gave you an idea of what you need. I trust the mark my teacher gave me 100%, as he is supposedly a "legendary figure" in modern marking, as he had been doing it for 25 years (15 years as a senior marker)

    By x factor, I think he meant it didnt blow him away. Maybe my argument could have been more sophisticated etc. But basically, my tutor (HSC marker for modern as well) marked it and he said it was a potential 24 but most likely a 23.
    Once you finish the HSC, you realise that you knew more about it then you ever did whilst actually doing it. Do you want to see one of my essays?
    I'm pretty sure they were:

    English 87/100
    Maths 92/100
    Economics 87/100
    Legal 91/100
    Modern 92/100
    SOR 44/50

    Overall I performed better internally, but I worked twice as hard for the externals.
    Dont get me wrong, I was thrilled to get 94.8. I thought I was going to get low 93's at the very most (I was reasonably expecting 92) - when I saw my marks and ATAR I nearly died from happiness :). My goal had always been to get 95, but mid way through year 12 I thought it was beyond reach. Even though I was 0.2 short, I still consider the goal reached.
    My externals were:

    English Adv: 83 (completely stuffed this exam, I misread a question for section III)
    Maths 2U: 90/100
    Economics: 85/100
    Legal: 91/100
    Modern 92/100
    SOR I 46/50
    English 8/54
    Maths 5/45
    Economics 5/16
    Legal 2/20
    Modern 1/30
    SOR 4/90

    School rank around the 290's
    hahaha xD
    nah, i go to uws (omg uws lols watta fayul!1!!!) yeah, it's not really that bad tbh :)
    i'll probably transfer to usyd at some point though
    so are you in year 11 or 12?
    :( what's wrong/ what have they done?
    yep, i'm in my second year of uni
    oh really? cool :) what course were you hoping to get into?
    haha thanks for the rep, i must agree, her sunglasses are pretty snazzy haha :]
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