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    What Clubs and Socs are you joining this year?

    No, atheists dont generally form 'fronts', we leave that to the religious fanatics who seem to be all about forming 'fronts' in the name of wonder there are so many friggin wars
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    What Clubs and Socs are you joining this year?

    ok, i have checked the list but i cant seem to find anything in the religous section for atheist/agnostic types...i'd be quite surprised if there wasn't one
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    What's the difference?- forensic courses

    Thanks for the info Gracie007, i was just really surprised at how low the UAI was but i guess thats good if it will (most probably) stay low. Yer i guess with the job opportunities thing its also a matter of being flexible, if u are willing to do watever to get a job (like travel or work in a...
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    What's the difference?- forensic courses

    Thanks azn gansta and panda bear, yer i've been looking at the uts handbook thing and i think im gonna put the bio one as first preference. I was also wondering about the UAI, it seems really low, like i thought it would be a really popular course and hence have a pretty high UAI. It was around...
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    What's the difference?- forensic courses

    I am doing my hsc this year and have been looking at science at uts, i am looking at forensics but i'm not sure what the fundamental difference is between the two courses- the forensic science (chem) one and the forensic biology one. I was wondering, are there some career options that would only...
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    Fiji 2006

    Yes, my group is heading to Fiji for schoolies this year, we wil be at Beachcomber for most of the time. We are there from the 25th nov- 5th dec. When r u guys going?
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    The BoS Official Gig Guide

    Not a brass player as such but i do like a bit of brass now and again. Dee Why eh...well i might just have to go.
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    Musicology essay topics

    I was just wondering if anyone has either done or is doing a musicology essay and if so what is your topic. I have several ideas about what to do but i don't know if they are suitable as i have nothing to compare them to.