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Recent content by vbgfhdtret

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    Please help with first hand investigation.

    So I have my 30% first hand investigation assessment next week. The practical we are doing is not officially told to us but judging by last year's HSC and the fact that we have done every prac from module 1, except the effect of substrate concentration on enzyme activity, I think it's safe to...
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    Discovery related texts

    So my prescribed text was The Tempest, what would be some good related texts? My teacher recommended films/videos over books btw.
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    What to do for listening task?

    more advice is welcome
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    What to do for listening task?

    Thanks for the juicy tips, more advice is still welcome
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    What to do for listening task?

    Its not on any prescribed text. Just gonna have some random unseen video about discovery.
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    What to do for listening task?

    So I got 25% towards HSC listening task in less than a week. What can I do now which will help me get better marks?