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Recent content by vishello

  1. vishello

    Atar estimate please!

    You will minimum 98 bro. Good job... please help me in English advanced I am struggling :(.. can u pm me please
  2. vishello


  3. vishello

    Top 10 Easiest HSC Subjects

    You can't judge some subjects to be easier than others. Each subjects has its own nuances and skills. Stop projecting a wrong opinion and everyone has different skills and abilities and its what they think what hard and what's not.
  4. vishello

    should I be stressed about prelim? how should I study?

    can you please send me the discord link too? I have my prelims soo and suffering as well thanks
  5. vishello

    Tamil HSC

    Can you send it to me too lol?
  6. vishello

    Revision notes *All Subjects*

    Guys, Could anyone please upload some beneficial SCIENCE Notes to study as my yearlies are coming up in 2 weeks time?
  7. vishello

    Year 9 selective placement! Do I stand a chance? (Baulkham Hills)

    THANKS FOR YOUR ADVICE GUYS> I FOLLOWED YOU ADVICE THOUGHTFULLY> I GOT OFFER OF PLACEMENT FOR PRAIRIEWOOD HIGH SCHOOL> RIGHT NOW IN YEAR 8... Next year, for year 10 placement, if I want to try for Girraween, what content do I need to study specifically. EX< Tell me textbooks for each...