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    Have you ever cheated in an assessment? If so, how?

    not if you hide them properly moron
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    Lowest UAI for combined law?

    i got in with 95.9. i know of someone who got 95.1 who is in my class.
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    ANYONE? Help Me Economic Essays..

    hello, my UAI is 95.9 and i got a band 6 in eco last year. im willing to tutor you. my prices are reasonable. are you able to come to me? i live in belfield near campsie
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    make sure you do not watch t.v in the days leading up to the exams. the way to get good marks is to totally immerse yourself in the course material. block out everything else and just purely focus on the exams. know the material, know the sylabus.
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    Post your 2007 University Offers Here!

    i got accepted into combined law (with commerce) at UNSW. required UAI- 99.2 the reason im laughing is coz i only did standard english... im screwed for the next 5 years lol. by the way i only got 95.9 :(--- thankyou EAS. i got my secnd preference, and judging by the fact that i was only...
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    Q10 (b) (folded paper) what mark do you think you got for this Q

    i looked at the question over and over again but it just wouldnt click. i think maybe if im very lucky i might get 1 mark just for the bullshit i scribbled when i tried to differentiate the area to get the minimum.
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    na i am very sure the answer is b. lewins unfreeze/change/refreeze model is the common name. the other one is just called forcefield analysis although he invented it. its b becoz look at the last step. prepare for the change----- implement the change -----monitor, control and reward
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    Multiple Choice Question About Atm!!! -cost Based

    i agree with this dude. in order for it to be cost-based there must be a little increase on top of the cost. it doesn't specifically specify that in this question. competion based pricing is where the price is based around the competitors prices. does the question tell us that the price is a...
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    how much did you write and how do you think you went?

    i wrote: 10 pages for experience through languague-dialoge-the club-david williamson 8 pages for close study of a text- prose fiction - we all fall down- robert cormier and 10 pages for texts and society-into the world-steven herrick. i dont know how well i did though...i finished with 2...
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    Essays were heaps essay

    yer i agree with everyone except aaron. it wasn't a bad paper compared to 2004 and 2005 papers. you would have expected this sort of paper after receving a hard inner journeys paper. they have to maintain some form of balance and have one hard one and one easy one. there were no feature...
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    What were first impressions of the atmosphere and the supervisors?

    Our presiding officer used to be my geography teacher. the mad thing was that he was really bad at controlling the class. during exams (not the hsc) he would sometimes let us whisper to each other our answers. he used to hint what he thought would be coming in the next hsc geography exam coz he...
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    did anyone else mix up "photographers" with "photographs"

    i think i have a fair idea of who this n8r guy is. Its either Sam Nader or Anthony sukkar. if it is Sam Nader then may god have mercy on your soul. if it is anthony sukkar...two words for you...."crack" and "head." he knows what i mean. plus if you do not have anything positive to contribute...
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    did anyone else mix up "photographers" with "photographs"

    good on ya mate. i couldnt agree more. to the guy that said that stuff about the UAI 30 people go to hell and burn...
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    did anyone else mix up "photographers" with "photographs"

    shutup loser....i thought maybe the photographs travel with you in your brain and in your imagination
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    did anyone else mix up "photographers" with "photographs"

    dam i didnt realise until looking back over my answers after i had finished. then the guy says pens down before i had a chance to fix it. far out im so cut!!