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  • Hewo ^-^

    Yeah, a magazine over there has an award for the worst movie. Goro (Hayao's son) also got worst director. Though it did seem pretty popular, i am going to have to watch it hehehe.

    I wanna watch the movie for eureka 7. It's near the top of my dl list. I didn't watch the subbed version, it was way back when i was still abit skeptical about them. When i rewatch it im going to do so with the subs. Its one of the best love stories I've ever seen Y-Y

    I added you, so i guess I'll speak to you whenever we're both online.

    Tty then =D
    Cool, thankyou.

    Also, have you seen tales of earthsea? it was awarded japans award for the worst anime movie of the year, but i dont know if that is because of the tension between Hayao and his son or because it actually was the worst anime of the year. So i was wondering if you have scene it and if so, is it worth watching?

    I thinking about getting into some of the looooonnng mainstream anime. i mean i have seen eureka 7 (omgomgomg awesome) and deathnote (it wasnt as good as the hype i think, but thats just me), but i try and go for the shorter series. I'm really strange, and get bored easily if i dont have variety. But, im thinking about watching D.Gray Man, it looks pretty good.

    Have you got msn?
    Hehe, funny you ask. I was actually doing circle geometry, and i had particular trouble getting a grasp of tangent rules, so i picked it as a name. Trig is fun though =D

    Yup, it was my stepsister who got me onto anime, first with neon genesis and princess mononoke. Atm im watching kiba again. I like stuff like that, but also code geass (drool), and baccano was fun.

    So I was wondering why you didn't join the anime group?

    Bored of Studies - [Anime]
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