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  • i always said short people would rule the world :)
    in that way, she's rather an inspiration for me =)
    eh, give her a break. in the twelve or so hours she's been PM, she hasn't been any more incompetent than the last few centuries of male leaders.
    what, jealous?
    make me cupcakes.
    admit the general superiority of the female sex.
    set up the world's first monastry of singing dancing yodelling monks.

    your choice :)
    a girl is a person with a vagina.
    you should know that by now.
    also, thanks for the luck
    also, congrats on making it to 1923 on my page?
    also, you're weird o_O
    fine, fine. this is my five step post hsc plan:
    1. marry a porpoise.
    2. teach it to yodel.
    3. market it as a tourist attraction to the sweedish scuba diving population
    4. ???
    5. PROFIT!

    now go get some beauty sleep.
    you'll need it :)
    good work (Y) one step at a time.
    it can only get better from then :)
    and, asif for another time!
    what could be more appropriate than the internet?
    yeah man, I'm going to study med/surgey/comm/law/aeronautical.
    have fun flying your pilot toys while I take over the world :)
    you need to learn to distinguish between dreams and reality.
    muffinman dear, we halfies are always hot. but seeing that I go to ruse,
    I had to settle for being an extremely attractive neanderthal.
    don't worry, with a little help [and surgery] you too can be this good looking :)
    and so does gandalf. that makes three of us.
    but of course not. it means I'm vastly superior :)
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