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    Post-trial atar estimate

    Finish our trials a while ago and was curious as to what my ATAR could be. School Rank: low 20s Advanced English: 22/140 3 unit Maths: 20/110 4 unit Maths: 10/62 Ancient History: 1/10 Music 2: 2/10 Music extension 2/5 Thanks in advance.
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    What is your iq?

    Everyone has such high IQs...mines only like 70-80...sooo dumb
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    So for those thinking of doing B Actuarial Studies next year...

    So glad Elite Athletes Performers program applies for actuarial. Not sure if im capable of a 97 atar
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    Wow, thanks for the compliments............

    Wow, thanks for the compliments............
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    You my friend are one rice-eating stalker. How in the world did you find my profile?.......

    You my friend are one rice-eating stalker. How in the world did you find my profile?.......
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    Free Tutoring; Advanced English.

    Im interested! Please PM me ur email
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    5 weeks left of year 10...what are they going to teach???

    Yea, do what everyone does. Download 10 gbs of movies and sit in class having a movie marathon. Either that or get a head start with ur yr 11 work and start reading through the topics you gonna be doing next year.
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    ATAR Estimate :)

    IMO 99-99.5, Very solid ranks. Keep it up for HSC!
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    Which MX2 Textbook have you 2013'ers been issued from your school?

    We havent been issued yet but I think my school loans Terry Lee Extension 2 maths.
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    The year 12's of 2013- long-term HSC goals.

    Advanced English - 90 , sincerely hope for 85+ Maths extension 1 - 95 Maths extension 2 - 95 Ancient History - 94 Music 2 - 95 Music Extension - 49/50
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    What HSC marks are you aiming for?

    English Advanced: 90 Maths extension 1: 95 Maths extension 2: 95 Ancient History: 93 Music 2: 95 Music extension: 49/50 Hopeful for 98 atar!
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    Bonus Points at UNSW

    I think HSCplus bonus points are not applicable for law, however, Elite Athletes and performers program is. Under leadership, 3 bonus points added if you achieved Duke of Edinburgh Gold.
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    B Actuarial Studies @ UNSW

    The students at UNSW open day say around 97-98 because it should be a really demanding and popular course. One student says that they accept Elite Athlete and Performers Program bonus points but not HSC plus.