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17/10 Labour market essay

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Assessment Task
This was a weird task. We were given two questions to prepare for, however only one would appear on the actual exam. In the end, we were given question 1.

The average for this task was relatively low at around 13-14/20 with the top mark being 19/20. However, there are still a couple of things I'd improve on if I were doing it again.

I don't think I'll ever use a graph again where I have to remember multiple statistics. They are meticulous and take too long to draw out. In the exam, I sacrificed detail so I could draw the graphs quickly however that cost me marks. If you're going to draw a graph in an eco exam, I would instead favour the theoretical variety e.g. business cycle graph.

Secondly, I got off track for my second paragraph on monetary policy. It would be better to sacrifice an elaborate explanation of monetary policy for just a simple cause and effect of 'this is what monetary policy does and this is how it affects the labour market'. In an eco exam it's best to get the explanation done ASAP so you can go on to more examples and analysis faster.

Lastly, I didn't go into enough detail for all my policies. Next time I would choose two policies instead of three. This way I could talk about different demographics e.g. male/female over/under 35 improve my essay with some more sophistication.
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