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Introduction to Economics notes

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Helped a lot for my first economics test at school!! Love how it was clear and easy to read. Thank you!!!
guys these notes give u a guaranteed band 6, trust me

marks before viewing these notes: band 1
marks after viewing these notes: band 6
The best notes ever for the best subject ever <3
i check bos and i have 8 notifs from u wtf
where do u make ur notes they look so good and i like the layout
hi ! i use notion and i use a website called mathcha for diagrams (unless there are better ones online) for phys/eco. i use notion's latex to format the equations asw ( i just put a \small{} tag around them otherwise they're oversized )
the layout is done using a /twocolumn command within notion :)) glad u like them
*insert nerd emoji*
you are not giving #slay #positive vibes