advanced math

  1. Y

    Sequence Q.

    Hey, So I did this by subbing in values (rlly not efficient and time consuming). Can someone show me how they would actually solve this? Thanks The answer is (B)
  2. Pablo_35

    How do i revise for maths?

    Hello members of BOS ! With 28 days left until the advanced maths paper, i was wondering how i should be revising for maths. Right now i am doing chapter reviews from the Cambridge textbook and finishing a couple of pastpapers every week. i know this is a maths advanced thread but it'll be...
  3. M

    3x3 grid, pigeonhole principle

    Consider a with 3×3 grid where each cell contains a number of coins; for example, the following represents a possible configuration of coins on the grid (the integer in each cell is the number of coins in that cell): 12 3 1 1 8 4 2 13 0 This configuration is transformed in stages as follows: in...