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  1. katiekms

    Is this normal for tutoring?

    So i do maths tutoring with this online tutoring company and i’m unsure if this is just a weird tutor (i switched recently as my last one left) or this is how it usually goes. So with my last tutor, they would find resources FOR me that helped me learn things, they would go through practice...
  2. X

    Project academy for 3unit maths

    Hi has anyone been project academy for 3u maths? I’d like to join as du got too competitive and fast paced and I’m falling behind in maths a bit. But it’s my first time hearing of the centre itself so idk
  3. katiekms

    Are you allowed to sign your major work paintings?

    Like, I’ve heard that you aren’t allowed to reveal your identity in your works since with your VAPD you have to cover your name and stuff so it’s not biased... but would just signing your initials in the painting or even the back be allowed? I want to do this since i do it for every other...
  4. X

    is there still hope for me...

    I got my prelim adv task 1 back and I did so bad. Like my class average was 90+% and I got WAY below. Like ranking LOW in my class. I understood all the questions and the only mistakes I made were silly calculation errors (I subbed in the wrong numbers), working out was too messy and for some...
  5. katiekms

    Is term 1 holidays too late to start my major work?

    Unfortunately I am an avid procrastinator, so even though I knowwwww I should’ve started in the summer holidays… I well.. didn’t. I’m just wondering, have I made this impossible for myself? I’m doing some moderately large scale acrylic paintings for context. My teacher has made it quite clear...
  6. I

    Please help me choose which subject to drop🙏🏻

    So I've just started year 12 and I'm deciding which subject to drop from maths adv, eng adv, bio, chem, PDHPE, and design and technology. The initial plan when I started year 11 was to drop DT because the major project takes up A LOT of time and I feel like it will get in the way of studying for...
  7. M

    How Do I Delete My Account

    How Do I Delete My Account
  8. M

    Public VS Catholic VS Independent Schools

    Just wanted to hear peoples experiences from each type of school, the experience, teachers, work, environment etc. Is there an advantage to going to a catholic/private/independent school over a public school. Do Unis care about what hs you went to if you got a good atar?
  9. M

    Do You Need To Have A Certain Amount Of PRELIM Hours For A Course?

    My friends have been switching subjects late year 11 and I was wondering if the low hours in the courses will be an issue? I believe you don't need to do the prelim course to do the HSC course as NESA allows you to switch subjects until mid year 12?
  10. M

    Head Teacher Not Letting Me Drop Subject

    I am in year 11 wanting to drop a pretty content heavy subject which I am not good at for a more practical subject (Design And Tech). I have talked with the 2 Design And Tech teachers in the school that know me really well and they have said that I have the skills for the course and they would...
  11. sophiie.burns

    things that helped me stay organised in my HSC year

    hey these are some vids that I wish I found when I first started year 12 x How to Organise Your Notes (for a great ATAR!) Make Sure You're Answering the Question Ace the Unseen Texts in the HSC English Exams How to Write HSC Visual Art Essays
  12. sophiie.burns

    MAJOR WORK ADVICE (from someone who did 3 major works!)

    Hey guys, Not sure if anyone will see this, but id thought I'd share my major work experience with those of you who are considering dropping or are doing major work subjects for year 12. Before I go on my little rant I want to say that this was just my experience with major works and...
  13. M

    Guidance On How To Become An Investment Banker And Ideal Pathways + ATAR

    Going to keep it very short and concise. I am in year 11. I want to pursue a high end finance job such as investment banking, private equity etc. Does anybody qualified to speak have any advice for me regarding an ideal ATAR range and what pathways/courses to pursue?
  14. M

    Not Sure Whether To Drop PE And Pickup A VET Course for a 90+ ATAR pathway

    Hey Everybody, I'm a year 11 student that is currently undertaking Maths Advanced, English Standard, Investigating Science, Business Studies and PDHPE. I am doing quite well in Math and my goal is to get a 90+ ATAR. I'll be honest I dislike PDHPE as a subject and I want to drop it. Since I will...
  15. sophiie.burns


    The PIP is due (2023) in a week today and I thought I'd share some unsolicited advice on how I stayed organised during the completion of my PIP. 1. get a 'PIP BINDER' Get a small 25mm binder and put everything PIP-related in it. Secondary sources, focus group questions, brainstorming pages...
  16. S

    creative writing tips for English please help

    Hi guys I’m doing English advanced. I have a creative and reflection in class exam soon. For mod C creative writing we did metamorphosis and I think spotty handed villainesses. Can someone please give me advice or tips on how I can prepare for my exam. I’m really bad at creative. How should I...
  17. Kartoffelei

    Final End Goal: Commerce/Law UNSW, Requesting Advice

    Hi! Thank you so much for everyone who has helped me in previous posts. After some contemplation and research, I've been thinking of doing a Bachelor of Commerce/Law in UNSW and I plan to take the LAT this September. I wanted to ask a few questions before, as I might choose a Bachelor of...
  18. Kartoffelei


    Thank you for everyone who responded to my previous post. Currently in y11, thinking of dropping math all together in y12. My goal was USYD, but due to math prerequisite, I'm trying Bachelor in Law/Economics in UNSW. I want to ask: Does a degree in Economics require advance maths? If so, is...
  19. souli

    How do I write with more sophistication and academic language?

    I am just wondering if anyone has any advice I could use to make my writing (particularly essays) more sophisticated, and more academic-sounding. Or how to expand my vocabulary to include higher-quality language. Thank you!
  20. A

    Career Advice: Optometry vs Occupational Therapy

    Current Yr12 student here, if anyone knows any pros or cons about these fields please let me know. I am still trying to figure out what I want to be, I have been doing some research but I'm still not sure which is the better option. Optometrist: decent pay but not as many job options/vacancies...