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  1. T

    Is it possible to score a high atar without extension subjects?

    Hi. I'm in year 11 and my current subjects are modern history, English advanced, chemistry, biology, economics and maths advanced + extension 1. I'm planning to drop biology next year, but I'm struggling a lot in math. I barely passed 50% for math advanced but I got over 70% for extension. My...
  2. W

    Is internal ranking really that important?

    Hi, So recently I discovered the importance of internal rankings and its impact on my final HSC mark/ATAR. I'm personally more of a science/math person, meaning that I will need to complete depth studies for two of my subjects (physics and chemistry). To be honest, depth studies are my weakest...
  3. B

    Atar Estimate?

    Hi guys, if people could give me an ATAR estimate that would be great. Does anyone think 70 is possible?? Legal studies-73 (3/12) English- 75 (9/41) Society and Culture- 83 (3/11) PDHPE- 60 (4/23) Human Services- 65 (9/12)
  4. S

    Subjects Dilemma

    hi... this gonna be so long and repetitive but.. my dad wants me to pursue commerce/accounting degrees in UNSW or USYD in the future while I want to do communications&media or design in architecture instead (im leaning towards arts or humanities). he would not let me do the majors I want unless...
  5. Helpme2244

    Dropped but I wanna pick it up

    So I dropped SDD like maybe 4 weeks ago and I really want to pick it up again now because I literally just failed my maths exam (58%..) and I'm on 10 units so I don't really know what to do. I dropped SDD because I have an IP for Drama and Depth studies for Chem and Bio that would literally take...
  6. H


    I just started year 12 this week and have been facing an apparently 'detrimental' issue since I'm doing all 6 subjects and have no free periods which my school doesn't really accept. Since I go to a selective/private school, they are able to determine what subjects we do and if we are to be...
  7. N

    Will doing both standard english and standard maths impact my atar??

    I'm starting year 12 this term, and am currently doing advanced maths. However I did pretty terribly in year 11 and am considering dropping to standard. I'm just wondering how much doing both standard english and maths will impact my atar? My year 11 ranks were pretty good, apart from Adv Maths...
  8. A

    Chemistry or Economics

    Hey everyone, Is it easier to get a better ATAR is economics or chemistry?
  9. M

    Can I still get an 80+ atar?

    Hi guys, Was just wondering if its still possible to get an over 80 atar. I'm in the top 10 for every subject (except maths lol) but the average for trials at my school was pretty bad so I was just wondering if its possible to get 80+. I wanna pursue a degree in nursing so I know there are...
  10. J

    Got an average mark in math and need a band 6

    hi!!! so i’m in year 11 but i’m doing the advanced math course this year and i just received my second assessment mark back it’s it’s really disappointing. i’m stressing because i NEED a band 6 and idk if i can get that anymore. my marks: first assessment: (20%) 89% - ranked either 9th or 11th...

    90+ ATAR?

    Hey, I'm going to sit the trials soon, was wondering if I'd be able to finish the HSC with a Band 6 for Business Studies if I got 90% in trials and the external exam. Also, is it possible for me to get a 90-92 ATAR with these marks, what should I be improving? and how much of a factor are my...